Weddings Dove Cage

Cinderella's pumkin coach

This magnificent cinderellas coach is truly one of my best pieces of art sculptures for the releasing of doves. Every single ounce of detail has gone into the making of Cinderella's coach and by adding my own creative idea's i have managed to design something that is not only just eye catching but
fits perfectly for realesing two gorgeous snow white doves as a blessing to the bride and groom.

Dove release

Snow white doves released a your wedding are a blessing to the bride and groom. White doves mate for life so they are a symbol of your eternal commitment to each other. White dove releasing is a gorgeous and elegant expression of peace, love, fidelity, prosperity and good luck.
The breathtaking sight of snow-white doves circling above will be one of the most talked about events of your wedding day...yet one of the least expensive.

For more details on hiring Cinderella's coach and the realeasing of doves
then please email me or see our link page for more information on these magnificent doves.


Birds will not be released if the conditions become unsafe, therefore we will not release birds indoors, at night or during very bad weather conditions. If conditions become unacceptable for the release on the day then a full refund will be given.

Wedding Dove Cage
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