King & Queen Wedding Throne Chairs

SIZE: 36" W x 37" D x 68" H. 90lbs

These magnificent hand carved mahogony throne chairs our truly the centrel focus point for the bride and groom. We have certinly outdone ourselves by combing the gothic castles of Europe to bring
you these exquisite medieval antique replica thrones.

Originally created for Lord Thomas Stamford Raffles, who founded the british colony of singapore, it features deep large-scale solid mahogany hand carvings of royal court symbols and massive growling lionheads that require over a week of work by a single artisian.

The 8 way spring tied seats and deeply cushioned backs are hand -upholstered front and back with a gorgeous white sanderson demasc fabric and painted with a ivory and textured guilt gold.

Booking Policy

If you would like to book our famous King and Queen thrones for your wedding we would require a £100.00 security deposit for the date of the event and the outstanding balance must be paid in full two weeksprior. On the return of the thrones then the security deposit will be returned.

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Throne Wedding Chairs